builders & post extension clean


c) Scrape, sweep and scrub all floors and staircases as necessary. Clean radiators and radiator tails  
d) Clean windows and all doors inside and out including removing all labels from windows and doors, taking care not to damage or scratch glass. Any apparent damage prior to cleaning will be reported immediately to the site manager. Minor scratches may be removed with jewellers rouge. To include cleaning of external window sills – meter boxes etc. (internal and external). Also clean all window furniture including carefully removing plastic covering (this may require unscrewing furniture). All paint & plaster to be removed from surrounds of windows.  
e) Cleaning down all gutters and down pipes. f) Remove manufacturers labels etc. by soaking from sanitary ware, not using abrasives. Wash all sanitary ware. Any damage or scratches to be reported to the site manager prior to cleaning.  
g) Wash marks from walls. (Note: Some marks may not be able to be removed and re-paint may be required.  
h) Wash and dust all gloss works, inside and out, inclusive of loft hatches and garage doors. Wash, dust and carefully remove without scratching surfaces sundry paint marks to electrical sockets and switches (clean all electrical fittings).  
i) Clean kitchen units (inside and out) and appliances including removing all labels from units and appliances, fireplace surrounds, floor tiles and ceramic wall tiles.  
j) Remove from floor all plaster likely to effect the smooth installation of final flooring. NOTE: It is not possible to effectively remove paint from a porous surface like chipboard or wood flooring. All reasonable care must be taken to protect tiled flooring from excessive grout and paint.  
k) Clean and polish all balcony railings to balcony.  
l) Clean all door heads and tops of architraves  
m) All UPCV window frames internally to be cleaned and buffed  
n) Polish and buff all wall tiling to bathrooms, en-suites, cloakrooms and kitchens including removing all excess grout from tiles and walls  
o) Sweep and clean all bin / cycle stores and pump room floors and including all items listed above.  
p) Clean and polish all consumer units including tops of consumer unit. 


Rapid Dry will supply all necessary cleaning equipment to carry out:

a) Removal of paper/cardboard protection that may have been used within the unit during the building works. 

b) Vacuum dust from all areas paying special attention to areas behind pipes, basin, boiler and inside airing cupboard (to include slatted shelves, cylinder and platform). Clean cupboards generally.