The average person can spend up to a third of their entire life in bed.


While sleeping, warmth and moisture is released into the mattress, making it the ideal breeding ground for dust mites, bacteria and mould. And, every time you turn over in bed your mattress acts as a giant bellows, blowing all these pollutants into your immediate environment.


The build-up of fine dust particles and certain types of mould over time can raise medical issues, especially with people who are prone to allergies. Regardless of whether you are sufferer, wouldn't you sleep more easily knowing your mattress was fresh and hygienically clean?

Hygenic, hot water extraction mattress cleaning.


We use a cleaning process called hot water extraction, which gives a deep down clean into the mattress. The hot water and cleaning agents not only kills mites and mould, but will remove all the soiling and most of the surface staining as well - and leave your mattress hygienically clean, fresh and dry within a few hours.


We can also then apply a post-treatment to help keep away those unwanted dust mites