Wheelie bin cleaning service

  • The bin will be deodorized with a fresh smell deodorizer.
  • The charge is £2-50 per bin
  • Minimum of 2 bins
  • We can schedule this for any period of time.
  • We suggest once every 2 to 4 weeks
  • We carry all solutions in our vans so no need for an outside tap. 


The rooms are filled with a specially formulated sanitizing fog. The fog can get into all the area’s that a spray cannot get into enabling it to kill any bacteria that can cause bad odour..

Fogging a property to get rid of unwanted odours such as, smoking, Cooking + Pet smells and general odours that cleaning alone cannot remove.

= £25.00 per apartment or house. 

Bins can be cleaned, deodorized and disinfected. This is the entire bin, inside and outside.


The bin will be cleaned with an anti-bacterial solution This will help to stop any nasty smelling bacteria from growing.